General Information Notice on Cookies

This website uses cookies, which are small portions of code stored on a visitor’s device and on specific files depending on the type of browser used (both mobile and for desktop). Cookies keep track of actions performed by visitors of the website, such as for example closing a pop up window so as to prevent such window from appearing again. In this way, cookies can improve browser experience. Cookies can also be disabled once and for all. Each browser has a way to limit or disable cookies as better set forth hereinafter.

Detailed Information Notice on Technical and Profiling Cookies

This website uses not only technical cookies, but also third party profiling cookies and similar technology. Also in this case, cookies help prevent the display of advertisements irrelevant to the visitor. Profiling cookies allow the display to users of personalized advertisements (i.e., advertisements that are in line with the interests shown during the navigation also on other websites which use cookies).

In particular, this website uses (or in any case reserves the right to use) the following third party cookies, both for profiling and analytics purposes: Facebook Pixel, Google AdSense, Google Analytics as well as other cookies of any advertisement partner or sales house or similar analytics tracking system. The data collected anonymous and may also be used by Facebook, Google, other sales houses in addition to the manager of the website itself. These profiling cookies (also third party ones) collect data such as age, gender, geographical origin, and monitor the user’s online activities, for the purpose of displaying advertisements in line with his/her interests and analyze the audience of the website itself.

Third Party Cookies – Disqus, Facebook Comments, etc

This website uses social media plugins to share its contents more easily. These features require the use of cookies, used exclusively to share contents or to allow the use of third party software. The cookies for third party services are sent directly by the companies which provide such service.

Settings to Disable Cookies

Users can choose to disable cookies and thus to eliminate the profiling activities with promotional purposes by changing their browser settings.

Below are some instructions to disable cookies for the most commonly used browsers:

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Failure to disable cookies on this website shall be understood as consent to the use of the same, and the data collected therewith, as better set forth in the sections regarding third party technical and profiling cookies.