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Welcome to our website (“”). We thank you for choosing our services. The access and use of the site by the User are subject to and governed by these General Conditions of Use. By accessing and using, as well as making purchases on, the User implicitly declares to know and accept these General Conditions of Use.

The User undertakes not to use the services and the site, if he has not accepted the General Conditions of Use of the Site and the General Conditions of Sale and undertakes to read the aforementioned Conditions carefully before using the services or the site.

TINDORA may continuously and without limitation modify and update these General Conditions of Use of the Site. Changes and updates are considered to be knowable, known and binding for the User as soon as they are published on this page. To this end, the User undertakes to periodically check these Conditions and not to use the site if he does not agree, in whole or in part, with the changes / updates.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of Law no. 62/2001, this site doesn’t constitute an editorial product. Access and subsequent use constitutes acceptance of these terms of use. Conditions updated on January 5, 2021

General informations

Tindora Cosmetics s.r.l

Registered Office: Via Saragat snc, 67100 L’Aquila (AQ)

VAT Number 02008040665

Social purpose and functioning

“Tindora Cosmetics srl”, specialized in research and development of high-end biotechnological cosmetics, has developed an e-commerce platform within its website to market its products, maintaining a direct relationship with the final consumer.


COMPANY – means “Tindora Cosmetics s.r.l.”, hereinafter only “Company” or “Tindora” or “Us”

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE SITE – means these Terms of Use, of which the premise and the foregoing articles form an integral part, henceforth also only “Conditions”.

SERVICE – hereinafter also just “Service” means any service and all associated functions offered on the website, directly by the Company or by third parties with the contribution of the Company. The term Service includes, in the absence of specifications, the website and all services, including paid services, functions, features, which are offered within and are made available to users. It does not include the functions of third parties aimed at purposes other than the economic activity of the Company, if and as they refer exclusively to the third parties themselves (eg any Web Analytics service).

WEBSITE – from now on also just “Site”, means the website “”, but also all internet addresses (eg URLs, domain names and pages) and / or the related software application for the use of the Service that the Company controls or manages and that are used to offer or provide the service as well as all mirrors, replacements and backups and all web pages that the sites include.

USER – means anyone who uses or is about to use or benefit from the service or access, enjoy or use the Website

PRODUCTS – products sold directly on

Art. 2 – PRIVACY

We urge you to carefully read our Information on the processing of personal data or our Information on cookies, which govern the processing of your data on the Site and apply to you even if you access the Site, without making any purchase or use of the Service.


When you use the Service, fill out contact forms or send us e-mails, or when We send you emails, communications, notifications, notices and publish on the Site, you communicate with Us in electronic form. Without prejudice to the mandatory provisions of law, for the purposes of these Conditions, you agree to receive electronic communications from us and you acknowledge and agree that all our contracts, information, emails, communications, notifications, notices and publications in electronic form meet the requirement of written form , where required.


All the content available and present on the Site, such as, but not limited to, images, sounds, buttons, photographs, dialogues, videos, documents, logos, web pages, domain names, as well as graphics, diagrams, layouts and software of the Site and any other material, whatever the format or form of expression, are intellectual works protected by Italian law and international copyright laws. All related rights are expressly reserved to the Company, except for the rights of third parties.

The list of contents and products is protected by European and Italian laws on databases and the systematic extraction and / or re-use of a substantial part, in whole or in part, one or more times, without authorization is prohibited. expressed in writing by the Company. For the purposes of this article, you are only authorized to view the contents of the Site and to carry out all those other temporary acts of reproduction, without their own economic significance, which are considered transitory or ancillary, an integral and essential part of the same viewing of the Site and of the its contents and all other navigation operations on the Website that are performed only for the legitimate use of and its contents.

The Authors of individual works on the Site, who consider their copyrights infringed, have the right to have the authorship of their Works recognized and to oppose the illegitimate processing of the same, by notifying the Company.


The Company is the exclusive owner of the trademark and registered logos “Tindora” and “”, as well as any other distinctive sign that contains the expression “Tindora” in its characterizing sense, including the domain name “”.

The distinctive signs that distinguish the Products on the Site are used by the Company for the sole purpose of advertising and describing the Products themselves and therefore belong to the respective Owners. You are not authorized to use the distinctive signs protected by the law without the express authorization of the respective owner.


The use of the Service requires prior registration on the Site, by creating a personal Account. The Service is aimed at Users residing in the Italian territory and who are over 18 years old. When registering or signing up for the Service by authentication, the User guarantees:

– to be of age;

– to have provided true, correct, updated personal data;

– in case of changes in the data provided, to inform the Company of the updates; – in case of entering information on behalf of third parties, to assume all responsibility for the correctness and truthfulness of the information provided and to be authorized to accept these Conditions in the name and on behalf of the third party he represents and that said third party agrees to indemnify the company, users, or third parties for any violation of these Conditions.

The User expressly undertakes to keep access to his Account confidential and to adequately store his access credentials and expressly accepts, within the limits permitted by law, to release Tindora from any liability arising from the use of his account. The User undertakes to inform the Company without delay of the theft, loss or improper use of their credentials and even only of the risk that the credentials have ended up in the possession of unauthorized third parties.

We reserve the right and power to suspend the Service and / or cancel the User’s account, to inhibit access to the Site, in case of violations of the law or of these Conditions, as well as to remove or modify content at Our discretion. .


The Site may contain hyperlinks (links) to other resources, such as other websites, which have no direct or indirect connection with the Site or with Tindora. The publication of these links does not constitute advice or an invitation to browse them on our part. Tindora, therefore, does not control these links and their security, nor can it be held responsible for their contents, nor for the rules they apply in terms of the processing of personal data and conditions of use.


In the event of a breach by the User of these Conditions, failure by the Company to exercise the right to act against you does not constitute a waiver of this right and all available legal remedies.


The Company intends to make every effort to ensure access and functionality of the site, without however assuming any obligation or obligation to do so, nor does it grant the User a right to the proper functioning of the site without interruption. However, due to the structure of the internet and the multiplicity of parties involved (providers, users, third parties, etc.), seamless access and error-free data transmission cannot be guaranteed. In particular, access to the Site and the Service may be suspended, interrupted and limited, without the need for notification or communication to the User, for maintenance and repair of the Site, introduction of new features and updating of systems and contents.

Tindora will not be liable for 1) damages or losses that are not a consequence of Our breaches of the Conditions due to willful misconduct or gross negligence, 2) loss of earnings, savings, income, stipulation of contracts or loss of chance, 3) loss or destruction of data and 4) any other prejudice that was not reasonably foreseeable at the time of the fact, both by the User and by Us, at the moment in which the use of the Site or the Service began.

All products as well as all information relating to the products on the website are provided directly by the company, which undertakes to guarantee the veracity of such information, however, it does not assume any responsibility with regard to them, data, any inaccuracies that could be contained on the website.

The company manages the website and controls its operation; the company does its best to try to maintain the availability of the website and the service, even if it does not guarantee their availability at all times.

If necessary, any disputes relating to the service provided may be raised within 24 hours of delivery, under penalty of forfeiture.

In any case, any liability of Tindora may not exceed ten times the minimum purchase cost, referred to in Article 3 of the General Conditions of Sale, with the express exclusion of the right to greater damage.


These Conditions and the other legal notices present on the website and in general the relations between the Users of the Website and the Company Tindora Cosmetics s.r.l. they are governed by Italian law and must be interpreted in accordance with it.

The clauses of these Conditions must be interpreted not only in relation to each other, but also in relation to the clauses of the General Conditions of Sale. The parties agree that any partial nullity of these Conditions or of one or more clauses thereof does not result in the nullity of the remaining part of these Conditions or of the clauses not affected by nullity.

Any disputes connected and connected to the use of the Service provided by the Company and the website are reserved to the Italian jurisdiction and will be devolved to the territorial jurisdiction of the Court of L’Aquila (AQ) or the Justice of the Peace of L’Aquila. (AQ), without prejudice to the mandatory forum in favor of consumers.


Pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 1341-1342 of the civil code, the parties declare that they have read and understood and specifically approve in writing the clauses listed in articles 3 – ELECTRONIC CORRESPONDENCE, 6 – PERSONAL REGISTRATION, 7 – LINKS TO OTHER RESOURCES, 9 – LIABILITY, 10 – REGULATIONS AND JURISDICTION.

We thank you for choosing us and we wish you a good navigation!